WLAN Solution


  • A small number of users in a single region, usually dozens;
  • The distance of countryside uses is 2~3 km;
  • Far away from infrastructure regions ;
  • Wired broadband erection high costs low income




  • Using 2G/3G base station resource;
  • Single-station capacity mor than 80 clients ;
  • Bandwidth of each client more than 2Mbps;
  • The farthest distance more than 3km;
  • Stable, scalable, maintainable, secure;



















  • The network architecture of wireless broadband access system consists of access layer, convergence layer and core layer;
  • Access layer includes CPE, AP and access layer base type power switch;
  • Aggregation layer includes aggregation layer switches, BRAS, and wireless access controller;
  • The core layer including core switches, core routers, various servers;
  • According to specific circumstances, base station AP and AC choose Layer 3 or Layer 2  networking;
  • based on the actual number of users, capacity, frequency use, etc., base station AP and CPE can be different.



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