GCI is the earliest in the development and production of the mobile communication base station antenna and feeder products. Adhering to the precipitation of the technology for more than 40 years by Guangzhou Communication Research Institute, GCI is committed to become world's leading supplier of mobile communication antenna.


In 2002, GCI began to engage in the development and production of camouflage antenna. GCI's camouflage antenna is widely used in China's Communication network. Until now there have been over ten thousand sets of camouflage antennas used national wide.


With the development of the communication network, 2G/3G/4G networks is co-existing, which forms a operation of multi-band and multi-system, based on the installation site environment, multi antennas are designed to combine in a single radome, intergrating the wide band antenna technology and RET antenna technology, to enable the multi0networks and multi-systems to share the resources.

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